The Duo: My Interview with Simone Solnsa

Seattle's Dymanic Duo

I recently got to be interviewed by one of my favorite duo partners, Seattle’s traveling muse, Simone Solnsa!

Simone and I met in June when she toured Detroit and we booked a few duos with some very lucky clients. Though we had previously just been each other’s internet crushes, the energy was electric when we finally met in person! We had a special kind of connection only a few had the privilege of witnessing and being a part of. Beyond having natural chemistry that left our dates in awe, the two of us also became quick friends connecting over life, adventures, and personal goals as we sipped Manhattans on Woodward one sunny evening. The relationship and genuine chemistry we have built is honestly as beautiful as the sunset was that night, you wish you had been there! 

I am so lucky to have made Simone’s sweet acquaintance, and I cannot wait to be reunited in Seattle! I hope you enjoy this lovely interview she put together about how we approach duos!

The Interview:

Simone Solnsa: What is your favorite part about duos?

Hailey Wells: Sharing in the joy of it all! I find great joy in sharing the pleasure of sensual and sensory experiences. I honestly get off on introducing clients to provider friends when I know they will just really click! I guess you could call it compersion; an empathetic state of happiness and joy experienced when another individual experiences happiness and joy. I find witnessing others’ pleasure such a turn on! And what better experience of compersion than with a sweet, sexy provider friend and a handsome, giving client?! In my experiences with you, Simone, we have been lucky to share a dynamic chemistry on some very special dates; some steamy memories have been seared in my mind, for sure! And I cannot wait to make some new memories in Seattle!

Simone: I totally agree; being able to witness other people’s joy and pleasure is a huge turn on. I love being able to lend a helping hand from the sidelines to see how I can ramp up the heat. Our time in Seattle is going to be the best sequel to our Detroit shenanigans, I can’t wait!


SS: What do you think is the most different about the two of us (or why it’s beneficial to have our differences in particular in the same room).

HW: You and I have very different life experiences, but share a similar approach to romance, pleasure, and lust. You offer a smooth, calm presence and an intellectual wit I just adore! I bring bubbly energy, a yearning for deep conversations, and a laugh that will have us all feeling warm. We both have adventurous spirits that set us up to be game for new experiences!

SS: Ooh, I love that answer! I definitely agree that I tend to have a somewhat zen and calm approach, while you have this infectious bubbly energy that I just adore.


SS: What do you think is the most similar about us (or why we complement one another).

HW: We both are tender pleasure seekers. I think we both enjoy the give and the take of intimate moments. We can be silly as well as sultry. And we both love all varieties of people; different genders, orientation, races, cultural backgrounds, etcetera! We both come to this industry from a place of wanting to connect and explore with open minds and caring hearts, for sure.

SS: 100%. I think we both care a lot about our communities and vulnerability and connection, which really shows in our work and how we foster deep intimacy with our clients. And we both have cute butts.


SS: What is your dream duo date? Dream group date?

HW: Well, since we’ve checked the yacht date off our list already, I think my next dream date, sticking to the water, with you, would be kayaking or paddle boarding in Union Lake, and enjoying a bite to eat after with a fit, adventurous, and sexy adventurous suitor! (I love watching chiseled biceps flex as they paddle)

SS: Love that answer! It’s making me imagine that classic idyllic scene of wearing a lacy white gown with a matching parasol on a row boat on a lake with a strong man rowing…I’m seeing visions of a wicker picnic basket, wine, and strawberries…But I also would love a duo date where my duo partner and I get sent off to lingerie shop and then get to do a surprise double reveal for our charming suitor later…taste the rainbow?


SS: What is one of the best duos you had, and why? 

HW: Ohhhh I have had so many great ones it’s too hard to pick my favorite! Being on the yacht in the Detroit River with you was pretty epic! I feel fortunate to have amazing clients and fellow provider friends who I genuinely connect with, so our times all together feel pretty special to me.

SS: Totally. Yacht is hard to beat, I have to admit. 


SS: Have you ever been in a larger group booking?

HW: I have a few on the calendar but have yet to have a date larger than a threesome! I am very much looking forward to some foursomes on coming up! And very excited to share some those experiences with you!

SS: I’m soo excited for those! Your arrival can’t come soon enough!


SS: Why do you think people should try duos if they haven’t before?

HW: For one, who doesn’t have “have a threesome” on their fantasy list? Haha! Secondly, I just think the energy with three can be electrifying! Who wouldn’t want to share the love? 😉

SS: I second the motion! 


SS: Do you think there’s something about group dynamics in general that might teach us things in other parts of our life? If so, what do you think you’ve learned from them?

HW: I definitely feel like duos and group dynamics in dates have taught me a lot about myself actually. They have taught me about how to better communicate my desires, my boundaries, and my fantasies. They have also really taught me how to listen in order to be more in tune with others wants, desires and boundaries. I feel like in group situations there is definitely more to keep track of so I have to be especially present. Being present is arousing, and obviously really useful in group situations beyond the bedroom.

SS: Learning how to truly be present is life-changing, and I agree that the more people you have in the room, the more important it is to tap into that grounded energy. Getting lost in your head or distracted leads to miscommunications and chemistry wanes quickly. I’ve definitely learned more about being present in group dynamics through these dates – and a lot more spatial awareness of my own body.


SS: What was your first duo like?

HW: I was lucky that my first duo was with my best friend Park Westwood. We have known each other a long time and have a deep connection of trust and love, so it was very easy to bring our energy naturally to the session with one very lucky client! (I think sparks may have actually flown!)

SS: Oh I love that! I actually think my first duo was also with a close friend, now that I think about it! It really makes for a special experience when you have that bond already going into it.


SS: Has anything really funny ever happened during one of these times?

HW: Oh my, yes, but I can’t give away all my intimate stories on the internet! Lol! Let’s just say that there was one time when we all decided to try a new entangled position and things got, well it turned into a new kind of workout…a wet one…

SS: I’ll let my imagination fill in the gaps…


SS: What are the most important rules or boundaries for a successful threesome in your opinion?

HW: Rules are: never do something any lover hasn’t fully consented to! Each group experience is unique and play partners have differing styles, boundaries, and excitements, but the one thing that stays the same is listening and respecting each other’s bodies, desires and boundaries. Clear communication ensures that everyone feels comfortable, sexy, and turned on!

SS: Amen, girl! I’d add that it usually helps to have a conversation before anything intimate happens if everyone is new to each other/new to threesomes/etc, and especially if anything kinky is being thrown into the mix!


SS: Any hard rules on what you should never do in a duo?

HW: Disrespect any lover’s boundaries! Always listen to others and your own body. 

SS: Yes, absolutely. I’d also say make sure you’re keeping things safe and sanitary – don’t use the same protective supplies on different people, and don’t assume that one person’s consent for an act is an automatic “yes” for the other party!

What a sexy interview!

Simone sure knows how to get one fired up! I am looking forward to our escapades together in Seattle very much! If you’d like to read more of Simone’s musings on duos and much more, check out her blog here.


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