Because you can never have enough.

I am lucky to be surrounded by beauty. Shall we add some extra fun to our date?

Here are just a few escort duos I have to excite you!

Lena Czura

She’s your unforgettable, sassy and smart redhead; and possibly the only one of my friends who has out traveled me! Care to take adventure with us?

Avail in NYC, SF, LA & Detroit.

Ari Abella

This playful cuddle bug has the most sensual touch and perfect kiss. She makes me melt like ice cream on a hot day. Care to watch?

Avail in Detroit.

Belle Belmonte

Belle is a beautiful brunette, mega babe; she’s my spotter at the gym and my favorite coffee date. Come sip something sweet with us?

Avail in Chicago & Detroit.

Simone Solnsa

This traveling muse is my biggest Seattle-based babe crush, and my favorite yacht date partner. Ahoy, shall we set sail together?

Avail in Seattle.

Parker Westwood

She’s the counter-culture cutie you’ve always dreamed of. Get ready to get lost in witty banter between the two of us!

Avail in Minneapolis & Detroit.

Miranda Evans

Miranda is your midwest beauty, the embodiment of pure elegance. She and I both have a love for burlesque and all things glam. Let us dazzle you?

Avail in Detroit.


Eliza brings the “big bush energy” to all our encounters! This au naturale vixen is the 70’s porn star of my dreams, and likely of yours as well, let’s role play together?

Avail in Detroit.


Aylx delights in building lasting connections with men who desire romance, exploration, and delightful teasing. Are you ready to feel the pleasure together?

Avail in Chicago & DC.

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