Colorado Mountain Ski Date Experience

A Weekend Getaway in the Colorado Rockies

Colorado Mountain Ski Date Experience 🏔

The mountains called my name...

Or should I say a generous suitor sent me a very respectful and enticing email, and with a deposit I was booked to fly to Denver and make my journey into the Rockies! This mountain weekend getaway had a very special cherry on top, in the form of the most darling dear friend, Amber Délice. Thanks to Amber the weekend was curated to fill all our fantasies! They say good things come in threes–lucky us 😉

First stop, drinks at Vin48

His favorite spot for tapas, and Amber’s favorite glass of champagne. I had the deliciously foamy espresso martini (I was a little fatigued from a day of travelling, nothing a little caffeinated pick-me-up couldn’t rectify). Accompanying our drinks, the quince jam atop a crostini paired with a slice of brie. But the jam wasn’t the only thing that made our months water from the start of our evening. We chatted and cheers’ed while the bar cleared out and time suddenly seemed irrelevant. Nothing better than getting to experience a new place while cultivating blooming relationships in a potent triangle of lust. 

Second stop, up the mountain we go!

After a protein-rich breakfast (watch how fast I turn those calories into energy as I carve down the slopes!) we hop into the express gondola to take on the mountain! Thankful to have this veteran Colorado ski client as our tour guide for my first day ever exploring Beaver Creek; he sure knew how to show us a good time. Have you ever shared a kiss on a gondola? How about two? Did you know that kisses before noon give you energy for the day ahead? Neither did I, until I tried it. The three of us laughed as we watched the skiers take on powder along the side of the mountain. We shared lots of joy on the mountain, skiing and snowboarding for hours. Mr. Ski showing us the best runs and made sure we were smiling the whole time! It may not have been a blue bird day, but we sure brought the bright energy to the summit!


Next, a much needed hot tub and steam post-ski! Champagne and hot-choco in tow! We relaxed our muscles in the warmth and tried to keep our hands to ourselves under the bubbling water. Not the easiest task when all you want to do is cuddle up and give each other another good, deep massage! Amber looked so cute in her pom-pom hat while thick, lush snowflakes fell from the skies above us! What a dreamy afternoon delight, soaking in the views together.

The Day doesn't End there...

Fourth stop, dinner at the much acclaimed Vail restaurant, Sweet Basil. Mr. Ski worked his mountain magic to get a reservation for three at the popular American Bistro in the heart of the Village. We voyaged through what felt like a 10 minute blizzard to arrive at the sweetest, coziest, yet bustling spot, and were seated in a booth in the heart of the restaurant, right where we could make everyone around us jealous as they passed. We ate our hearts out, playfully engaging with the sommelier as he recommended a Willamette Gamay that would rock our worlds (drop me a note if you want to be let in on this new found PWN gem!) Dinner would not be complete without a dessert to share–three spoons please! By the end of the night you could tell we were the table having the most fun, practically spoon feeding each other chocolate ganache!

Let’s just say the spoon feeding didn’t have to end at dessert… I’ll leave the final stop of the weekend getaway to your imagination. From sips, dips, slopes, to sends, Colorado you sure stole my heart! Who will be the one to bring me back for more? Is it you?


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