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In A Client’s Words: The San Francisco Experience with Hailey

Visiting San Francisco April 21-24th!

In my last newsletter I asked my suitors to excite me by helping write a new blog post...

The ask was simple, yet not many were up for the challenge: to write their deepest fantasy date with me in one of the cities I would be visiting this Spring. After reading through the responses (thank you to all those who engaged in my silly little game, and helped me overcome some writers block!). I chose one sweet client’s detailed 24 hour dream date. So here it is, in his own words:

The morning starts around 9

As we stroll hand in hand along the wharf stopping in to a bakery for a croissant and coffee. It’s a little chilly in the morning, I love how you lean into me to stay warm. We head down to the dock to catch the Blue and Gold ferry to Sausalito. The Golden Gate Bridge in its majestic form towers over us as we cross the bay.
Sausalito is a fun spot, we wander through some art galleries before settling in on a bay side cafe for lunch. The sun is shining and it makes your eyes sparkle.
We head back across the bay and wander the wharf for a bit before heading to a couples massage at Marion Pernoux. All the tension goes away, a slight scent of lavender fills the air.

Totally relaxed

We stroll back towards the Hotel Nikko in Union Square, we soak up the sun, your hand feels so soft. Stopping at Coit Tower to get a view of the bay mid afternoon. A little window shopping, we pick up a bottle of Woodford Reserve and a small jar of cherries, for a cocktail while we get ready for dinner.

You are dressed in a gorgeous blue dress, looking like a million dollars, no one is prouder than me, to be going out for an evening together.

We start with hors d’oeuvre at Akikos Sushi Bar on Mason St. It’s quiet, secluded with the freshest ingredients in the city. We share some sake and fall into conversation.

For dinner we head to Fang on Howard Street.  Great modern takes on Chinese cooking. Kathy Fang (Chopped Winner) is the owner and head chef.
Pork Confit, and pan fried shrimp wontons start our evening, followed by dumplings and short ribs the meal is delightful but doesn’t compare to your company, your eyes sparkle in the candlelight.

After Dinner

We head to the View Lounge on Mission Street to see the sky line from atop a high rise. Sipping Amaretto and watching the lights twinkle. Gazing out together is a wonderful way to end our evening.

So many things to see and do, and no one who would be more fun do experience them with than you, Hailey.

Thank you to my client, talented writer, the author who penned this reverie, sweet “Jazz.” 


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