Guide to Proper Escort Etiquette

Miss Wells' Guide to Proper Escort Etiquette

About a month ago when I decided to start a blog, I took to Twitter to ask my sweet followers what topics they wanted to read about here.

The top vote was for me to write to you all about my expectations for proper etiquette, so here it goes…

Firstly, mutual respect is key to our encounter. I feel strongly that mutual respect is the foundation from which all other elements of our relationship and proper etiquette can grow.

Basic etiquette, to me, includes respectful manners, discretion, and good hygiene.

Let’s break those down a bit.

1. Respectful Manners

Manners: Do your homework

Respectful manners online means YES to reading my website thoroughly, filling out my booking form *completely* and emailing me directly only when questions cannot be addressed by a quick read through this beautiful website.

I work hard to build an online presence, both here on my website and on my twitter profile, that conveys to my clients who I am and what I request of you as a suitor.

"You Avail?"

Respectful manners online means NO to DM’ing me or emailing me out of blue with questions that can be answered by reading my website. Most often this looks like, “Are you available right now?” “Are you in Detroit?” or the occasional crude email detailing specific “menu” item requests. These sorts of messages will be left unread.

I do not offer menu items, as each of my relationships with clients is unique. I am never available “right now.” And if you’d like to know where I am, kindly review my Twitter profile bio, which is kept up to date with my location, and complete my booking form to set up a date in a given city.

"You had a date with Hailey Wells?!"

Respectful manners online also means NO to online gossip or crude review board posts. I do not participate in review boards.

If you have a comment about me or our time together, positive or negative, please shoot me an email directly. I am not in this industry to be compared to other providers.

And as mentioned, each experience I offer is uniquely tailored to our connection, so what one client may feel is worth mentioning to the online world is likely distinct or irrelevant to another client’s potential time with me.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

In person respectful manners means clear communication!

Good communication is sexy. Please express your desires in a respectful way. Consent is even sexier. The more you express your likes and dislikes the more fun we will have! I promise to do the same in return.

I am excited by clients who take the time to check in, asking questions, while we are together. Everyone is different and part of building our genuine connection means learning about one another’s unique preferences. This is how we will truly stoke the fire!

2. Discretion

Discretion is paramount for both your safety, and mine.

All communication before our date will be via secure email, accessed via my safe booking form. Email is always my preferred method of communication.

If I ever text you it will be within one hour prior to a scheduled date, or within one hour after our date ends. Otherwise I will never initiate a text conversation unless given explicit consent to do so.

Keep it in the vault

The screening information you share with me is always deleted after screening is complete. I do not have an assistant, so I am the only person that views any information you share with me electronically.

As for any personal information you share with me in person, that goes to the grave with me. I expect any information I share with you in our time together will also not be repeated. The expression “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” comes to mind–I have yet to visit Vegas (let’s plan a getaway!?) but this principle applies to our time together regardless of where we are!

3. Hygiene

Lastly, good hygiene is basic etiquette and frankly is a sign of respect– both respect for me and for yourself.

Keeping yourself clean and showing up to our date polished shows me you not only want to impress me, but that you care about yourself.

If for whatever reason you have to arrive a little less fresh than you’d like, I of course always provide a fresh towel and a shower. I will always arrive to our date fresh and sparkly clean for you!

Got it?

The three tenets of mutual respect, discretion, and hygiene are my etiquette basics to start us off.

As I write, I am realizing this is just part one of a multi-post topic, as proper escort etiquette is so important in the beautiful world of sex work.

Stay tuned for part two…


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