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Isn't it FMTY????

If you’re on SW twitter, you know Fly Me to You, or “FMTY” is all the rage these days.

As much as my Sagittarius heart loves to travel and explore new places with wonderful clients, the dates that really sweep me off my feet are the ones that have surprised me by turning the tables and proposing they fly to visit me here in my city: Detroit!

OH, so FYTM??

As much as I love a new adventure, I equally love to show a new visitor the city I adore! And there is just so much to show off here in Detroit.

I know, I know, you might not believe me, it’s true the “Big D” has gotten a bad rap after the financial crisis. But, good news! Detroit is putting itself back on the map these days!

You know I am a foodie; new restaurants are popping up here every day! Some of the nation’s most talented mixologists snake, muddle, and stir here in the D.

Our art scene is highly underrated–let me show you the Detroit Institute of Art! The music and performance history is decadent and still thriving.

And let’s not forget the urban nature that is here to explore within the city’s limits (Did you know that Detroit has more square miles of municipal parks than NYC?!)

I'll give you an example.

Last Fall, a client reached out and asked if he might come fly to Detroit and have me show him a good time. I was delighted by his confidence and enthusiasm to travel; it’s like we were a perfect pair, ready to explore novelties together!

He had done his research with regards to what I like and where I enjoy passing my time romancing my sweets (he read my website thoroughly ;). So we planned a romantic evening wining and dining Downtown on the rooftop at Monarch Club. I even let him in on my strip clubs to patronize in the area!

I love a suitor who travels.

The client who books a trip to Detroit to visit me shows that they are enthusiastic about meeting me. They also demonstrate that they are confident in exploring new experiences, and likely love to adventure as much as I do!

Most of all, in booking a trip to visit me in my city, they are showing that they are interested in cultivating a connection that will grow beyond a single visit.

Oh, I get it now!

Since last Fall I am lucky to have had a few suitors come visit. All of them have remarked after exploring Detroit how pleasantly surprised they were with how captivating and vibrant it is!

Those are two words that have also been used to describe me, so here’s to evermore captivation and vibrance together!

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