Chicago Dream Dates

3 Dates to Win My Heart in the Windy City

1. Take Me to the Top!

On a sunny afternoon we meet at the famous Hancock building to experience the 360 Chicago Observation Deck together! It’s my first time ever riding up to the 94th floor, and I may need to hold your hand when we reach the top because, little did you know I am scared of heights!! But to see Chicago with you, I am willing to face my fears (keeping a safe distance from any shocking edges!). At the top, you share your Chicago stories with me as we take in the views. We explore the new art exhibit installed in the windows by Queen of Tape, a local Chicago artist.

Not ready to come down from the high of each other’s company, we grab a cocktail at Bar 94. We talk about art, I share my favorite Chicago memories with you and we laugh as we make new felicitous memories of our own. We make a silly game out of the elevator ride down, holding our breath and making a wish for each other. Now it’s time for me to make your wish come true.

2. Dinner and a Show

We will start our evening at the intimate, but world renowned, Temporis. This Michelin Star restaurant is known for its tiny hydroponic gardens that grow in the center of the dining tables, truly letting us appreciate the “farm to plate” experience. We order a sampling of dishes to share from the seasonal tasting menu and let our senses overwhelm us with every bite. We inch closer to each other, brushing legs under the table to make the sensory experience one enjoyed by the whole body. 

After dinner we head to Untitled Chicago, where we have reservations for the best burlesque & variety show in town, Unbridled! We are seated at a cozy table, with a great view, in the corner of the speakeasy style bar. Together we sink into the comfort of the plush red velvet as the lights dim for the start of the show. You caress my leg and squeeze it gently as the first striptease act elegantly teases us with a hand reveal and tugs at her lush bottom with her rhinestone satin glove. We watch more show girls, acrobats, and contortionists, and laugh, and “ohh” and “ahh” as we are filled with excitement. 

By the time the show ends we are ready to try our own hand at some teasing, striping, acrobatics, and contortions?! Well, perhaps we’ll just stick to the teasing and striping parts, but needless to say we are feeling wild and free after the show at Unbridled. We head back to the incall, light a candle, put on some sexy jazz to move to and enjoy peeling away each other’s costumes for one final big reveal.

3. Unwind Together

You deserve some self-care, I know it. And who would you rather indulge in a steamy day of complete relaxation with? No one but me, babe. So you book us a date at the historic ancient baths at Aire Chicago. We submerge into the waters and let our inhibitions go. The water wraps around my hips and my shoulders as I submerge under next to you. Is it the heat of the steam making you pink in the cheeks, or are you blushing with delight to be in this oasis with such a captivating woman?

We settle into a couples massage and as I close my eyes I feel your calm and warm presence next to mine. We are in such bliss we simply melt into one another after our Aire experience. What a better way to reach complete euphoria than a day of deep care and sultry indulgence?


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